Ausus Ludis

Women development cell( KSWDC), St. Mary’s college, S. Bathery conducted a athletics/games programme exclusively for girls which was inaugurated by Mr.Harish  (Physical education instructor) on 24-01-2020.The session was welcomed by Mrs. Misha.T.Elias followed by felicitation by Staff advisor and IQAC coordinator Dr.P A Mathai and Fine Arts secretary, Gokul Nagavally. The event was named “Ausus Ludis” and it involved mainly 6 events namely reverse walk, queen of circle, three basket challenge, stump throw, stork stand and zig zag run. The students participated really well. The event helped the students to increase their level of confidence and self esteem to a great extent. It also was a great stress relief to the students. The prize distribution for the winners was done by the hands of Dr.Santhi George, the Principal.