College Chaplain

College Chaplain

By virtue of being a recognized minority certified institution, the management has decided that there shall be a Chaplain to over see the spiritual well being of all interested students. 

Rev. Fr. Jins Nediyavila, BSc; BEd; BD; MSc; MA; GST; CTET  is the College Chaplain.


            Fr. Jins Nediyavila,  

The young priest Fr. Jins belongs to the Indian Orthodox Church and is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Malayalam of the College. 

He has a Masters in Malayalam (MA) as well as Physics (MSc) with the project  with  IGCAR Kalppakkom on Radom Monitoring; and a CTET in Physical Science.

Fr. Jins has his Bachelor of Divinity Degree  (BD) from the Serampore University and a GST from the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam.

He has a degree in Education also (BEd).

Apart from the formal degrees, Fr. Jins is trained in   De-addiction care from TRADA Kottayam.

He also has a Certificate in Youth and Family Counseling.

As a  proof of his concern for  the environment, Fr. Jins was recognized as  "Citizen Conservator" by the Social Forestry Department of Kerala.