Emblem and Motto


The Candles in the Emblem represents Light of Knowledge

The large circle represents perfection.

The name of College is written within the Circle of Perfection

In the centre is the Christian symbol of Cross which resembles the mathematical symbol for addition standing for Positive Thinking.

The hood around the cross represents the tradition head gear of the church hierarchy representing  Wisdom and Leadership.

 The  book symbolizes the created  knowledge representing academic exercises.

Written within the flexible ribbon entangling  the candles of vision, are the words given to Saint Mary by the Arch Angel,

"With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible",

that there is no doubt for miracles, strengthening the heart and spirit of the faithful.

The year of establishment of the college is given under the emblem. 


"With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible"

is the Motto of the College. It is adopted from Luke Chapter 1 Verse 37 of the Holy Bible.

During the period of the establishment of the college, its founder Fr. Mathai Nooranal envisioned that

no other words would better explain the trial and triumphs he faced

in going ahead with his vision  of a college in Wayanad

against all odds imaginable and unimaginable. 

With God Nothing Shall be Impossible. Period.