Student's Union Election


Code of conduct for students participating in union election
  1. Students shall not participate in election with political affiliation.
  2. Election work/propaganda/campaign will be permitted only after the publication of the final list of candidates contesting the election.
  3. No other organisation work/election work will be permitted in the campus in the form of membership campaign, issuing membership to the students organisation which are politically affiliated.
  4. Hoisting flags of political parties, display of banners and wall posters etc. within the campus are also banned.
  5. No flag will be allowed in the campus during any time of the academic year.
  6. Expensive election materials like banners, big notices etc. will not be permitted during election campaign.
  7. No outsider including students who have been temporarily removed from the rolls of the college will be permitted to enter the campus for any work connected with the union election.
  8. Students should desist from disfiguring any class rooms, compound walls and building in the college campus by pasting of posters or writing on the walls or on the roads or electric / telephone posts as part of their election campaign.They should not disfigure the compound walls of the neighbouring buildings.
  9. Election campaign / propaganda in the college campus should be limited to the issue of pamphlets and bit notices.
  10. Students should not arrange for election propaganda / campaign in the college campus during the working hours.
  11. No meeting or other election activity shall be arranged inside the college campus without the approval of the Principal.