Tutorial System


An effective tutorial system is in operation in the college. Every student in the college will be under the personal care and guidance of a teacher (tutor). Each tutor will be in charge of a class, and as far as possible that teacher will continue as the tutor of the class for the entire course period.
Only one tutorial form will be used for the entire course of a student which will be a vital official record of the student and will be kept in the college office as a permanent record. Sufficient columns have been provided to record the very essential information of the student which is to be filled up by the tutor himself/herself without leaving any column blank. The marks of internal examinations and University Examination are to be entered in the space provided in the tutorial form in the case of degree students. In the case of P.G. classes, where semester system is being followed, the marks of similar examinations and the University Examinations in each semester should be entered in the columns provided in the tutorial form.
Immediately after the results of the internal examination, the tutor will convene a meeting of the guardians of his wards, and discuss the over-all progress of the students intimating the marks of the student officially. The presence of the guardians in the meeting should be made compulsory and if any student fails to bring his guardian to that meeting, the tutor will allow to bring his guardian at a later convenient date. Similar meeting will be convened after the declaration of the result of the second internal examination also. However , the guardian must meet the tutor at least twice in an academic year before the student applies for the University examination. The signature of the guardian in the spaces provided in the tutorial form must be obtained before the submission of the application for the University Examination.

In the tutorial system the tutor will closely monitor the wards in the following.
  1. Progress in studies.
  2. Punctuality and attendance in the class.
  3. Conduct and behaviour in the college and outside.
  4. Interest and participation in the extra curricular and co-curricular activities.
  5. Willingness to take up responsibilities, involvement in nation building process, inculcation of good value systems and over all development of personality etc.
  6. The tutor will encourage all active and good habits of wards and will point out the lapses and mistakes for rectification and correction.

The wards shall feel free to meet their tutor at any time and shall bring all their problems, both personal and other, for guidance and help. All students shall make use of the
tutorial system for their personal development and betterment of future.